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Zinah Artistic Retail

About Us

On a layover in Italy, I came across the greenest leather handbag I'd ever seen and I was smitten. I purchased the bag, as I hurried of to catch up with my friends. Upon my arrival back to the States, I researched until I found what I was looking for and this is how Bella Ciao Handbags was born.

​I'm not a big fan of labels for labels sake. I love great design, colors and how the bag makes me feel when I carry it. I loved being asked "Where did you get your bag from?" And, I'd proudly exclaim, "In Italy," knowing that not another for miles has the same bag as me!

​I truly hope you enjoy my bags, as much as, I delight in sharing them with you.

Bella Ciao, which translates to "Beautiful Hello," was created because I believe that fashion should be affordable. While maintaining the highest quality.

Our bags are made with finest materials in Florence, Italy, I have some of the best partnerships that make sure the best quality is achieved with the best designs.

I believe every woman deserves to be beautiful and to have the highest quality to represent who SHE is!

Your beautiful hellos start here!