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Zinah Artistic Retail

Artist Daniel Wingo

Daniel Wingo is an interdisciplinary artist from Atlanta, specializing in abstract expressionist, pour-based, process artwork. 

After finishing her degree in Graphic & Web Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2014, he started experimenting with 

abstract photography on the streets of downtown Atlanta in 2015. 

Following his family’s relocation to south Clayton in 2020, he would start experimenting with acrylic pour painting, 

now having the space to set up an artist studio.

Since the summer of 2020, Daniel’s work has quickly evolved from passively watching acrylic paints 

morph together on 6-inch ceramic tiles to psychedelic mélanges of shapes and color warped by gravity on 4x3ft canvases. 

Being an intensely curious individual has driven Daniel to always ask “why” about everything. 

His first solo exhibition entitled “The Art of Letting Go”, centers around the idea of not being held back by our need for the security of knowing why. Focusing on the act of creation and simply “getting out what is in” him as an act of service to God and humanity.