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If These Pillows Could Talk...

The Talk-ish Pillow Line was created in 2019 as a way for Interior Designer Nicole Bridges Gittens to share her love for pillows with expressions that are made for the culture! Combine that with lush, velvet fabrics in vibrant colors along with patterned designs that talk the talk…Talk-ish pillows are a fun way to get your message out in your homes and businesses and express yourself! All pillow covers are hand sewn with quality zippers and curated with a designers eye for great fabrics and patterns. We also design, cut and press our own expressions onto each pillow for an eye catching finished result. We complete the look with down feathered pillow inserts for that perfect chop!

Have an expression or saying you ❤️ love? Let Talk-ish pillows design one just for you or your business. Always on trend and never boring, Talk-ish pillows, the pillows that TALK!